Scoliosis - Kyphosis

What are the expected results of bracing?

  1. Bracing is used to prevent the progression of the curve. The main reason for bracing is not to completely correct the spinal curvature or decrease the curve magnitude, but to prevent its progression.

    The studies show that appropriately prepared and worn braces reduces the need for surgical treatment by 50 percent. As seen on the table, 52 percent of children not using braces will require surgical correction. However, for children using braces, only 28 percent will need surgery.


    What are the requirements for a succesfull brace treatment?

    Main principles, appropriate patient, appropriate timing, appropriate brace, appropriate usage and regular controls.

    • Appropriate patient. Mild to moderate scoliosis (20-40 degree curves). Mild-moderate Scheuermann kyphosis (60-75 degrees)

    • Appropriate timing. Early diagnosis is important in scoliosis. Braces should be started while the child still has growth potential. (For girls, it is important that the brace is started before menarche.)
    • Appropriate brace. The brace should specifically be prepared for the patient. The brace should be controlled before the patient starts using it.  
    • Appropriate usage. The brace should be worn daily 20-23 hours.
    • Regular controls with the orthopedic surgeon. To continue scoliosis exercises, sports, dancing and other practices, with the information of the doctor, the brace might be removed for a couple of hours. Swimming can also be recommended in the off-brace hours.