Scoliosis - Kyphosis

What are the advantages of EOS?

  1. EOS provides 90 percent less radiation exposure compared to standard X-ray devices.

    A full body image from head to toe is created in one single radiograph. For instance, a leg-length discrepancy in children often indicates pediatric scoliosis. In these cases, a footpad support might prevent scoliosis progression or resolve the curvature. Since the leg-length discrepancy measurement is possible with EOS, this etiology can be easily found.  

    In adult scoliosis and deformities, knees and hips are playing an important role and considered the continuation of the spine. EOS provides a better analysis of the relationship of the spine, pelvis, and the lower extremities, which is important especially in the sagittal plane.  

    In summary, the EOS device provides a better 3D analysis with lower radiation exposure, helping surgeons make more accurate decisions in the treatment and planning of scoliosis. Few centers in the world have the EOS device.