Scoliosis - Kyphosis

Is MRI and CT Scans Necessary for Scoliosis?

  1. Is MRI necessary for Scoliosis?

    Spinal cord deformities can accompany almost all scoliosis subtypes. These types of deformities are located in nerves and soft tissues, therefore, are not observable in X-rays. 

    MRIs are recommended for pre-operative patients to ensure spinal cord pathologies are detected.


    Is CAT Scan necessary for Scoliosis?

    For some scoliosis types (i.e. congenital scoliosis) CT scans can better analyze a deformity. CT also may be necessary for revision surgeries.

    Nowadays, new generation CAT scanners use special protocols to scan the whole spine from occiput to coccyx with a very low dose radiation exposure, compared to that of a single chest X-ray