Scoliosis - Kyphosis

Scoliosis Radiographs

  1. Clinical examination, radiographic analyses and health-related quality-of-life questionnaires should be performed for the diagnosis of scoliosis.

    Standing anterior-posterior and sagittal radiographs are used to measure the degree of scoliosis, or the angle of scoliosis. Manual or computerized measurements of the angle of scoliosis is done by using the Cobb method.

    The bony landmarks on the radiographs are used to measure the Cobb angle. Therefore, the measured degree may slightly differ among observers. Even the same person can measure the angle differently when measuring the same X-ray at different times. These differences should be no more than 5 degrees in manual measurements and no more than 3 degrees in computerized measurements. For double and triple curves, scoliosis degrees are measured instead of a one particular degree.