Scoliosis - Kyphosis

How can Postural Kyphosis be Corrected?


    First, you will not gain results by constantly telling children to “stand straight.” They result in significant tension and stubborn behavior. Also, backpacks do not cause this problem.

    What causes postural kyphosis are poor sitting habits. So one way to address postural kyphosis is by adjust the height and angle of desks and chairs to a correct position, and adjust the heights of monitors and keyboards to appropriate positions. With these adjustments, we enable our children to get used to ideal positions that keep their backs within the physiologic limits.

    Also, persuade and motivate children to participate sports activities more often—at least one hour, three days a week is ideal. Sports will prevent kyphosis by increasing the physical condition and also the power and endurance of the muscles that keep the spine erect.

    In conclusion, warning your child to straighten up will not solve the problem; instead it creates anxiety. If you want to be releived from this problem as a family, the best remedy is taking the necessary precautions and persuading your child to regularly participate in sports.