Posture and Postural Disorders

  1. What is Posture?

    Posture is the position in which your body, your arms and legs are positioned when standing, sitting and lying down. A good posture will cause less amount of strain on the spinal column in standing, sitting and lying positions.

    Good posture:

    • -Enables muscle acitivity with less strain on the bones, joints, ligaments and discs
    • -Enables the physiological curves of the spine to maintain their normal positions
    • -Facilitates less energy consumption
    • -Protects against back, neck and lumbar pain
    • -Is more esthetic


    Three main requirements of achieving a good posture:muscular strength, physical condition and awareness. Physical exercises help for the first two. Awareness can be practiced with mirror exercises.

    What is the ideal standing position?

    • -Head straight and looking directly forwards
    • -Shoulders back
    • -Chest forward
    • -Stomach in
    • -Knees straight


    If you must maintain hold a standing posture for a long time, place one leg on a step that is slightly higher. Occasional movement or sitting down and relaxing also reduces the strain on your spine.

    What is the ideal sitting position?

    • Back straight
    • Lean on the high backrest on your chair. Stretch your arms forwards. Move the chair close to the table instead of leaning forwards
    • Feet touching the floor
    • Legs not crossed
    • Shoulders relaxed. Do not move them upwards or forwards.
    • The monitor should be at eye level. Set the height of your chair accordingly.
    • Lower back should be filled and supported. Choose a suitable chair accordingly or pad the lumbar area with a cushion.


    If you have to keep the sitting postion for a long time, stand up every 30 minutes and move your muscles.

    What is the ideal lying position?

    • Maintain the physiological contours of your body.
    • Put a cushion under your head that is not too high.
    • Put a low cushion under your knees.
    • When lying on your side, slightly bend both legs and put a cushion between your legs.