Hemivertebrectomy and Limited Fusion

  1. Formation and segmentation anomalies cause malformed vertebra and congenital scoliosis and/or kyphosis. The growth potential of these abnormally formed vertebra are also abnormal. This asymmetric growth causes an increase in the deformity as the patient grows.

    If one side of the vertebra is normally formed and the other side is missing, it is called a hemivertebra. Congenital scoliosis with hemivertebra tends to worsen rapidly and can reach the surgical threshold in younger ages. Surgery can be performed at all ages but generally we choose to wait until age 1. After that, the surgery should be performed without delay.

    Excision of the hemivertebra and fusion in the one upper and one lower vertebra is called limited fusion. In this case, the vertebral and the chest cage growth is not significantly altered since the fusion is applied to a very limited area.­