Scoliosis Awareness Meeting Invitation Letter


    Scoliosis Awareness Month is Beginning…



    Scoliosis is defined as the side bending of the vertebra. It is a disease which may lead to death if it is not diagnosed and treated on time. Nowadays, it is shown that every 3 children out of 100 face scoliosis and state of the art Technologies make the dreams come true. Current techniques and treatments will be explained in the Scoliosis Awareness Meeting, in which this year Acibadem Maslak Hospital is helding the 4th meeting. Except the Spinal Health doctors, Curvy Girls Istanbul members and a scoliosis patint who spent her 60 years with scoliosis will be giving  extraordinary talks.  


    Nowadays, severe scoliosis is able to be treated perfectly and easily, which was accepted as higly risky surgery once. The groundtaking treatments will be performed by our specialists these days. The scoliosis, affecting 3/100 children may lowers the health related quality of life scores, as well as cause pulmanory and cardiac problems.

    Scoliosis is a condition, which the patiens can be plegics, however this disease is not very known among the.

    Every year on June, Acibadem Health Group is organizing an event explaining the severity and importance of the disease. Thin year, in the 4th Scoliosis Awareness Meeting,  patients and the doctors come together. Doctors explain the diagnosis and current topics of its treatment, while patients will tell the duration of the disease, and their experiences. Curvy Girls Itanbul founders will explain the importence of the early awareness and Dogmar Gertrud Elisabeth Goğdun will speak about her 60 years with scoliosis.

    Orthopaedics and Traumatology Professor Ahmet Alanay, MD ‘’Today, we are capable of surgivcally treating patients with severe and rigit curves, who previously were not operated since it has a high risk.  Especially spinal navigation, 3-dimentional printing and neuromonitorization help us to perform severe scoliosis surgeries.’’

    We will be happy to see you with us in the 4th Scoliosis Awareness Meeting.




      Opening Remarks

    Prof. Dr. Ahmet Alanay


      Current Aspects and Approaches in Scoliosis

      Diagnoses and Treatments

    Yrd. Doç. Dr. Çağlar Yılgör


      Current Aspects of Scoliosis Physiotheraphy

      and Exercises

    Doç. Dr. Ayçe Atalay


      Scoliosis Brace Treatment: What has


    Prof. Dr. Hürriyet Yılmaz


      Coffee Break



      Current Aspects of Scoliosis Surgical  


      Fusionless, Mobility Preserving Treatment

    Prof. Dr. Ahmet Alanay



      Social Media Effect on Scoliosis:

      What is the Effect of Information Pollution?

      How can we Obtain Healthy Information?

    Sedat Düzgün


      The Importance of Scoliosis Support Groups

    Aysun-Begüm Acer


      60 Years with Scoliosis

    Dagmar Gertrud Elisabeth Göğdün


      Questions and Answers